Shriners Variety Show

McPherson Playhouse  April 11, 6:00pm
Shriners Variety Show

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Tickets may be purchased by contacting the Shriners Ticket Office At 250-384-4427.

FREE FACE PAINTING and DRAW PRIZES 1 hour before show time!

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The Shriners Variety Show is back in town!  Featuring Canada’s favourite magical duo and master illusionists Murray Hatfield & Teresa with special guest performances by Guinness World Record holder Aaron Gregg, and funny guy Steve Hamilton! Join for an evening of laughter, with funds raised to benefit the Shriners activities.

As an established fraternal and charitable organization, the Shriners dedicate their lives to helping children.  With twenty-two Shrine hospitals located across North America, they offer orthopedic surgeries and life-saving burn treatments to local physically challenged children regardless of gender, race, or religion. 

The Shriners Variety Shows serve two purposes.  First, the funds raised from the yearly Shriners Variety Shows benefit the Shriners activities.  The Shriners provide TRANSPORTATION and HOSPITAL CARE to children in our communities regardless of their families ability to pay.  All funds raised in the Victoria area go directly to helping children in our community!

Secondly, the Shriners Variety Shows donated tickets are given to disadvantaged and families within our community that would otherwise not have the means to attend the show.  We work with local organizations in the Victoria area such as, The Boys and Girls Club, Woman in Need, 1 Up Single Parent Resource Centre, and many others to help make magic happen for those who need it the most! 

Call 250-384-4427 today and get your tickets before they vanish!

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